T would probably be fine if you ask me.

T it is then. If some one say something I might change after. Thanks <3

I have a question for you that write fanfiction a lot.

I want to continue with a one shot I wrote. Got some ideas. Since its set in a cyberpunk world, it references some things like drugs, and probably will reference sex but not so explicity.

In your opinion, it deserves a T or M rating?


Hottest moment in the deleted scene.

I don’t know why, but this gif sent a little story into my mind where Kate finally decided to let Castle transform her into a vampire.

Ok, if you read korrasami I accept fics rec.

Thanks bye <3


I am sure anyone who has been a step-parent or had a step-parent understands that it can be really hard dealing with a new dynamic in the family and trying to find how and where you fit in. And I think the show did a really good job of showing that.

Kate knows how important Alexis is to Castle. He has always prided himself on being a good father and having a really close relationship with her. Kate has always respected him for that. But despite that her and Alexis get on well, it was nice to see that Kate still had some insecurities about joining this family.

Kate was so worried throughout this episode that her presence was interfering with that relationship, that Alexis will feel left out or unwelcome because of her. And of course she would never want to do that because she loves this family. I love the fact she took the time to talk to Alexis and try and reassure her that she was always welcome and her being there wouldn’t change that. Because even if that wasn’t the issues here, it was still important for Alexis, no matter how old she is- to hear it.

I really love the relationship and dynamic between Alexis and Kate.and want to see how it develops in the next season.

Omg!!! Kevin singing it’s so cute *___*

Now people are complaining because the deleted scenes weren’t supposed to be deleted. God, you guys are never satisfied.

I died with the bloopers and I died with the deleted scene.


I agree that it had to be cut. The holding hands to me has much more meaning.  I think it wouldn’t have the same impact if the let the following scene on the episode.


make me choose: mark/elizabeth or mark/susan